The Washington Post featured my closet and organizing tips for small space living, yet I like to live large. 

As a Marketing Communications Specialist, I've helped clients communicate the value of products and services to become part of a lifestyle:

A Fortune 100 health care provider, a high-end furniture designer, federal government clients, small businesses, and national nonprofits.

How can I help you? Reach out if you have questions or want to chat. You'd probably like working with me. See what others say about me below. 



Kevin and I worked together on a digital communication reaching over 400k members per month. He was key to much of the success of that campaign due to his strategic approach and attention to detail. I always enjoyed working with Kevin as he's very collaborative and his communication style is very open and honest in a non-threatening way. I would recommend Kevin to anyone and hope to work with him again one day!

Sara Otoum, Senior Marketing Professional

During his time at Humana, Kevin was a key contact in coordinating marketing campaigns with our service centers to ensure a positive, and consistent, experience for consumers. I felt a sense of relief upon learning Kevin was leading an initiative that would impact my area. It was a pleasure being able to partner with Kevin; and not only am I wholeheartedly confident that he will continue to excel in future roles, but also hopeful to have the chance to work with him again in the future.

Daniel King, Senior Consumer Experience Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin as we transformed customer communications to be aligned with our brand. In just a short time, Kevin dove in to understand our customers and the evolution of our brand strategy. By creating consumer-centric, compelling content, he was able to improve engagement across several communications including preventive care outreach, diabetes care, and community events. Kevin is thoughtful, collaborative and kind.

Emily Hext, Consumer Engagement Marketing Director

Kevin is a maven when it comes to developing content. I have often sought his expertise when curating articles, research, and other published works. It's rare that you come across standout talent like Kevin.

Kevin was an outstanding student in my class at American University. He arrived with strong design ideas and skills, but used every assignment as an opportunity for growth. His willingness to push the boundaries on projects always lead to creative and interesting solutions to design challenges. The quality of his work, his understanding of visual strategies, and his professionalism and enthusiasm will make him an asset to any position or program. I can highly recommend Kevin without reservation.

Kevin is a skilled writer and marketer. His ability to craft compelling posts impresses me. He always accomplishes tasks efficiently and according to best practices. I admire Kevin's ability to tailor messages to specific markets and target audiences, and would recommend him.

Abby Woehrle, Business Development Specialist



How can I help you? Please reach out! Anytime!

Washington, DC