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5 Ways to Use Customer Testimonials in Your Content Marketing

Recently, I was assigned a video testimonial project at my full-time job, where I’m a Marketing Communications Specialist for a major healthcare provider. I developed the questionnaire and interviewed members in Louisville and Baton Rouge on camera. It’s rewarding to hear their incredible stories and how this company changed their lives. One even said, “It saved my life.”

Once you've collected such amazing testimonials, how do you use them? Businesses often receive customer feedback: product or service reviews, survey data, comments on social media, and even testimonials. However, some business owners don’t know how to employ it effectively in their content marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. Here’s my advice: use customer feedback every way you can. Below are 5 tips for applying testimonials in your content marketing.

  1. Use testimonials as case studies in your blog posts. Show that the idea, product, or service is beneficial by telling a compelling customer story. Put the concepts into action and illustrate the problem you solve, not the product or service. As you collect customer testimonials, keep them on hand for blog content.

  2. Develop a questionnaire script based on questions you've asked customers and the responses you've received. Test what to ask to get the kinds of answers you're looking for. Then compile a list of best questions to interview customers on camera.

  3. Create video testimonials. Use footage for promotional or educational materials and transcribe the interviews to easily quote in other marketing collateral. Promote the videos across digital platforms: social media, e-newsletters, websites, blog posts, and more.

  4. Transcribe quotes to develop social media graphics. You might overlay a quote onto an image and post it to your company’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

  5. Use testimonials on your website, LinkedIn, or both.

Think about gathering testimonials as an opportunity to build relationships with your customers. It’s a way to follow up and keep in touch. It also shows you care, have an interest in them, and value their opinions.

To start, make a list of people you’ve worked with who might recommend you or your business. Send them a brief message asking if they would feel comfortable writing on your behalf.

Review the recommendations you receive, and think about how you might repurpose them. Will you put them on your website? Use their story as a case study in your blog post? Or create a social media graphic with one of their quotes?

Comment below with ways you've used testimonials. Also, as always, never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I'm only a phone call, direct message, or email away.

Thanks so much,


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