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Style Comes and Goes, and Sometimes, So Does Branding

Chocolate Fest, Louisville, 2013.

Growing up, I had an innate attraction to style and design. I loved everything about personal expression — from painting to performing arts and even picking my outfit for the day.

After my best friend Dennis passed away, and I moved to Washington, DC for graduate school, this passion — that I believed to be forever and always — disintegrated.

Style was a commonality between me and Dennis. When he and I first met, I complimented his shoes, and that's when we became best friends. (They were Cole Haans that he splatter-painted.)

My personal brand disappeared while I coped with his absence. It was not until I worked with B. Smith and Dan Gasby, as clients in graduate school, that I reunited with my sense of style.

Dennis was impeccable, and so is B. Smith. She represents a sophistication that can be seen everywhere: her restaurants, her own appearance, and her cookbooks, tips, and products at Bed Bath & Beyond. She reminded me of him.

As I began to get back to the person I was before his passing, I enrolled in a Visual Strategies in Public Relations course as part of American University's MA in Strategic Communication program. My world started to turn right side up again. That's when I learned graphic design principles and elements, color theory, and how to create logos and brochures with Adobe Creative Suite.

When I work with clients, often times, they know they need a rebranding like they would a new hairstyle or look. Usually, they are afraid and putting off when to start. When you consult with experts in the field, even for a 30-minute free consultation, it's like branding therapy. It becomes easier and less scary.

Then, it becomes exciting! Have you had successes and failures with your current branding efforts? Do you love or hate your logo? Do you have nowhere to go to create social media graphics and select branding photo filters? Please comment below. We can help you along the way.

I've attached some free resources to get you started, and I'm only a phone call, direct message, or email away.


For social media, logo development, and promotional materials:

For branded photo filters:

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