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Weddings or Strategic Marketing. . . It's All in the Plans

Photo by Brenna Tysinger.

When you take on a new project, whether that be a small wedding, or strategic integrated marketing plans for your small business, it can quickly become huge and overwhelming.

In March 2016, I missed a phone call from my sister while I was developing plans for a client. Immediately, I got a text from her with a photo of a gorgeous vintage ring. My sister has always loved jewelry, and the aesthetic was exactly her. Guess what. She was engaged!

I could not have been happier when she told me Jesse proposed to her, and he picked out the ring himself. Then, she told me the wedding was in November, seven months from then, and exactly before my deadline for staying in Washington, DC or moving back to Louisville, KY.

Most importantly, I was concerned for her, considering she had only seven months to plan a wedding. Events can take several months to coordinate, and weddings, even years.

Like me, my sister has very specific tastes. She knows what she likes and wants, but finding it is sometimes challenging. She quickly took care of every DIY aspect she could get her hands on — from the invitations to decorations to bridesmaid gifts from Revelry Boutique Gallery. A month before, they hired a wedding planner to lay out the specifics of the big day.

When I met with the planner at the event space, Jesse's parents' beautiful home, I noticed her take it all in and make notes. Often times, when I work with clients on strategic plans, I begin with a situational analysis, and I evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then, we narrow down objectives and target audiences, and I develop strategies, tactics, timelines, and budgets.

The wedding was a major success. My aunt Rue described it as "Magical, heartwarming, and a glance into a fairy tale." Most importantly, on the days leading up to the event, my sister was calm, cool, and collected, knowing that the details were all taken care of and ready to be put into place.

I am so proud of her and grateful to have been a part of the wedding. It's incredible for me to think that she planned it, a lot on her own, and with the help of her friends, family, and a wedding planner.

To create your own plans for marketing projects, I've attached some free resources on strategic plans and how to conduct a SWOT analysis.

Photos by photographer, Brenna Tysinger, and friends.


Get started on your campaign plan today. I challenge you to conduct a SWOT analysis for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using the resource I have provided. Often times, that is the first step!

Never hesitated to reach out. I'm only a phone call, direct message, or email away.

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