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How to Perfect Your Pitch [13 Lucky Tips]

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Does pitching to publications scare you? As a small business, you need features in reputable sources. Think quality, not quantity. Which magazines, blogs, and newspapers do your customers care about? Outreach gets easier and easier with practice, and especially with the help of some tips.

If you've pitched, you know the drill. "What should I include?" "Why are my pitches rejected?" "How come I'm not getting responses?" There are many challenges, but you can handle a lot of press on your own.

Recently, I pitched to an author of a blog post on politics and public relations. He asked, "When can small businesses get political?" I knew I had to capture his attention immediately, so I delivered tips he had probably not heard before. Guess what. He got back to me ASAP and wanted to include me in his piece.

Uncommon content brings results.

Think of it like a sales pitch. What makes your company unique? Where are you located? How long have you been in business? What's new and exciting with you? If you want to get the most from your pitches, read my tips below.


  • Address the author by name both in email subject line and body text.

  • Capture attention. Deliver information that's uncommon, informative, and interesting.

  • Use bullet points and headers for easy reading.

  • Write an adaptable pitch intro. Highlight current successes, partnerships, and recent features.

  • Include links to your website and social media.

  • Research the publication and author, and tailor tips to both.

  • Pitch to as many publications as possible that fit your target audiences and brand.

  • Bold, italicize, or underline key points and headers.


  • Use generic response template without tailoring your pitch.

  • Leave out links to social media when you have significant following and engagement.

  • Write paragraphs or short essays.

  • Feel discouraged from rejections or no responses.

  • Forget to use correct name of author and publication if you copy/paste intro.

I challenge you to create a basic pitch formula that you can tailor and send on your own. Comment below with any questions, and never hesitate to get in touch. I'm only a phone call, email, or message away.


Thanks so much,


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