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Why You Should Hire Someone to (Help) Write Your Blog

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Would you ever hire someone to write your blog? Isn't that cheating?

Once, a leading lifestyle expert paid me to draft her blog posts. At first, I felt nervous, then excited. After all, I grew up in acting and creative writing classes. What could be more fun than getting into character and playing a part?

Also, this woman was a boss: false eyelashes, a Chanel bag full of products, and a successful entrepreneur. Rarely did I see her without an iPhone or Starbucks cup in hand. She meant business.

The problem is that hiring someone to write your blog can feel fake; your digital marketing materials should always be authentic and accurate. However, it's possible to collaborate with an expert in communications, and stay true to who you are. The process can also help you reach your goals.


  • You gain insider knowledge.

  • You have access to a second set of eyes.

  • You are free to pursue other business needs.

  • The process becomes collaborative.

  • You avoid blog-writing-burn-out!

Upon my first meeting with this client, I established a process to produce compelling, authentic, informative, and entertaining posts. "I found you through your blog," a New York designer said to my client. "You are so real." What a compliment! For more, read my how-to, below.

How-To: A Collaborative Blog Writing Process

  • Decide who will write the first draft.

  • Brainstorm, and pick a topic together.

  • If you opt out of drafting the blog, then allow the writer to interview you for ideas.

  • Complete an outline.

  • Finish the first draft for review.

  • Proofread for grammatical errors and meaning. Read over for accuracy. Add comments and suggestions.

  • Finalize.

  • Publish.

  • Promote.

I challenge you to find a collaborator or proofreader for your work. Ask if the person will participate in the process. Or, find a digital marketing and communications specialist to help you write your blog most effectively. Use the how-to, above, and the free resources, below.


As always, never hesitate to reach out. I’m only a phone call, email, or message away. Share this content with others in your industry. Comment below with your apprehensions about working with another individual on your blog.

Thanks so much,


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